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Workday Strategy & Roadmap

A small investment early in the process can significantly increase the effectiveness and success of your Workday Implementation

Solve Consulting's Strategy and Roadmap Design Process is the result of years of experience with Workday implementations and launches. The program is meant to deliver significant knowledge to your team about all aspects of Workday.


We work closely with your internal Workday leadership team to develop an overall business case, strategy and roadmap for Workday implementation. Our research shows that completing this first vital step correctly will significantly increase the probability of a successful Workday launch with strong adoption and positive outcomes.


Our programs are valuable at each of the following stages in your decision process:

  • Prior to signing a contract with Workday.

  • After signing a contract with Workday but not having selected an implementation partner.

  • After both signing a contract with Workday and an implementation partner.



  • Align all executive stakeholders in the single business case and rationale for implementing Workday

  • Define what success looks like

  • Determine key and dedicated skill sets required on the implementation team

  • Develop governance and project management infrastructure

  • Identify cross-functional dependencies

  • Identify the top 5 greatest challenges and start addressing them immediately

  • Initiate Change Management planning

  • Develop a phases and milestones based-roadmap with both structure and flexibility



After collaborating with Solve Consulting in developing a Workday strategy, you will have the right knowledge, skills and confidence heading into your Workday journey. Clients can also extend the relationship with us with ongoing questions, support and consulting.




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