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Workday Project Management

The right Project Management approach early in the process can significantly increase the effectiveness and success of your Workday Implementation

Solve Consulting's Project Management Process is the result of years of experience with Workday implementations and launches. Our approach is both highly structured and highly collaborative.


Workday can be implemented with internal resources, in partnership with Workday, or with a third party implementation partner. In all models, the project manager is the critical "hub of the wheel". A strong project manager can be the difference between an incredible implementation or a painful ongoing slog.


Our project managers can be initiated at each of the following stages in your decision process:

  • Prior to signing a contract with Workday.

  • After signing a contract with Workday but not having selected an implementation partner.

  • After both signing a contract with Workday and an implementation partner.



  • Define what success looks like

  • Determine key and dedicated skill sets required on the implementation team

  • Identify key dependencies and key risks

  • Develop or participate in the development of the overall budget and hours estimate

  • Create project management infrastructure, tools and processes

  • Develop a phases and milestones based-roadmap with both structure and flexibility

  • Manage the overall timeline, deadlines, escalation, issue resolution and process fixes

  • Drive key decisions that keep the overall project on-time, on-scope and on-budget

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate



Solve Consulting Workday project managers have on average more than five years of dedicated Workday experience covering more than 10 implementations. This individual will bring the right knowledge, skills and confidence heading into your Workday journey. Clients can also extend the relationship with us with ongoing questions, support and consulting.




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