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System & Partner Selection

We'll help you navigate the maze of which system best fits your needs, and which implementation partner is the best match for your organization

Ceridian vs. Workday?  Kronos vs. Namely? Deloitte vs. Intecrowd? The options can seem endless when it comes to picking the right HRIS or the best implementer. Just because a colleague had a good experience with one partner doesn't mean that firm is a good fit for your organization.  Whether you just need help with an RFI or a full blown RFP process, we're here to take charge and find the best solution for you.


We'll consult with you to determine what your future state needs to look like, and develop a program to elicit from vendors their ability to meet those criteria.  We reach out to the relevant parties and schedule and conduct all meetings and presentations, and give you templates to provide your feedback.  That feedback is then collated and scored and presented to the stakeholders in such a way that they can make their decision.  Sometimes it's a close call, but usually it's fairly obvious.



  • Align all stakeholders on the process and guidelines for how to make this decision

  • Define what success looks like

  • Determine criteria for how selection will take place

  • Take the burden off your team by leveraging and managing our existing framework

  • Objective, concise, data-driven results by which to draw you conclusions



After going through this process, you will have a signed system and implementer contract and be staged for a successful implementation.  If you also need assistance throughout the project, we can help with that as well.




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