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Workday Bootcamp

A small investment early in the process can significantly increase the effectiveness and success of your Workday Implementation

Solve Consulting's Bootcamp is the result of years of experience with Workday implementations and launches. The program is meant to deliver significant knowledge to your team about all aspects of Workday.


We develop a custom one-day agenda for your team to be delivered in your office. Advanced preparation for the Bootcamp is critical which is why we will conduct multiple "discovery" calls with you prior to the Bootcamp - to learn about your company and internal Workday Team.


Different sessions during the day will focus on different team members while broader sessions should include all key people involved in the selection and implementation process.


Our programs are valuable at each of the following stages in your decision process:

  • Prior to signing a contract with Workday.

  • After signing a contract with Workday but not having selected an implementation partner.

  • After both signing a contract with Workday and an implementation partner.



  • Cleary define your business strategy and objectives for implementing Workday.

  • Develop a high-level roadmap which charts all major milestones and outcomes.

  • Properly structure your internal Workday implementation team with roles and responsibilities - identify gaps in the team and recommend solutions.

  • Understand common challenges, blind spots and pitfalls of the implementation process.

  • If needed, provide coaching on the Workday contract and scoping process as well as the partner selection and RFP process.

  • Define your own critical success factors for implementation that MUST be achieved for the implementation to be a success.

  • Collaborate on change management, internal communication and training plans.



After participating in a Solve Consulting Bootcamp you will have the right knowledge, skills and confidence heading into your Workday journey. Clients can also follow-up with us with ongoing questions, support and consulting.








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